Condolence notes


  • Write condolence letters by hand
  • Avoid sympathy cards, go for a simple correspondence card
  • Be feeling but concise


Acknowledge the death

I was sad to hear the news of David’s passing.

Relay a memory

David was a friendly and thoughtful man. It was always a pleasure to bump into him when I visited my parents. He had a knack for remembering the small details and took an interest in my studies, often offering helpful suggestions for my geography essays. The village was a brighter place for his being in it.    

Give sympathy

I am thinking of you at this difficult time.


Definitely send a correspondence card. Flowers are acceptable. Anything else is a bit iffy. 

How to write a get well soon note


  • Don’t ask questions
  • Be warm and positive but not inappropriately optimistic 
  • Give support if you can



Explain why you are writing

 I was sorry to hear from my parents that you are unwell

Be positive

Being ill is never fun, but I am sure that Aunt Jane is taking good care of you. 

Be helpful

I came across a book that I think you'll find interesting. It's by Mary Beard. I'll send you a link but you can download it as an audio book, too. I can help you put it on your iPad if you like. 

Sign off

I look forward to seeing you when you're up for having visitors. 

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