A Scottish party an aa that

My family and I are going away on holiday together to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday.

We’re renting a house by a loch on the west coast of Scotland. 

I’m taking on the task of planning the welcome/first night celebration. I’m keen to establish a reputation as an exemplary events planner for small to mid-size crowds (aim high, Sarah).

I thought I’d share my party ideas and plans with you. 

Confetti Balloons £8

An obvious place to start but nothing says PARTY TIME like balloons. I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of conscience with balloons because I know that if they are released into the wild and deflate, they could end up choking and animal who thinks a bit of floppy latex is food. These balloons will be indoor balloons. I’m also thinking that for impact, more is more. 


Lost Count Birthday Candles £3.50

I'm not totally sure if I'll go through with purchasing these candles. My dad will either think it's hilarious or will cry. 


John Lewis Tartan Ribbon £5.25

An inexpensive way to imbue the balloon display with Scottishness. 

Scotland Edition Monopoly £24.99

I have a wholesome image of my family sitting around and playing boardgames together by the fire. This never happened when I was a child so I'm not sure why I'm holding onto the delusion aged 28. 


I bought some wrapping paper from Amazon and made some bunting. 

A shopping spree in Anthropologie

It was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday on Wednesday. 

A few months ago she mentioned that she liked Anthropologie and so I squirrelled away this nut of information.

I visited the Anthropologie shop on the Kings Road intending to get her monogrammed notebook or a mug but after spending half a happy hour in there adding things to my own wish list, I realised that a gift card was the only sensible option. 

So I did. You can buy a little handmade pouch to put the card in too, which I did. 

anthropologie gift card

If you haven’t been to Anthropologie before, imagine a tiny department store of hand-made looking things which appear to be one of a kind.

The name of the store implies that you could buy a blanket in there and someone might think you picked it up from the Chin peoples on a trip to Burma. 

Here are my top Anthropologie picks.