On their wedding day

On their wedding day

These six pieces were all gifts from Andrew, 11th Duke of Devonshire to his wife Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire.

The couple married in 1941. He was a serial philanderer but claimed that his wife was 'broadminded'. Sure. 

Bugs are really quite lovely (apart from spiders, flies and moths). Here are some of the loveliest bug-inspired items on the market.

Bunny love

If you read my animal spirit post, you'll know that I love rabbits.  The only thing which prevents me from filling the flat with rabbity things is my husband.  

I campaigned tirelessly to get this doorstop into our flat and was a change.org petition away before he relented. I think you’ll agree, it’s a fine looking doorstop. 


Here are the best bunny themed gifts on the market at the moment. 

Alex Monroe Sitting Bunny Ring with Diamond

Like a magpie, my attention was momentarily captured by the Marc Jacobs bunny ring but I wasn't convinced. It wasn’t cute or charming. 

I then discovered this ring by Alex Monroe.  Gold = precious, diamond = precious, bunny= precious.

Alex Monroe produces excellent stacking rings too FYI.

Sergio Rossi leather bunny sandals

Nude barely-there heels have solved many a ‘yes I’ve got the dress but what do I wear on my feet?’ quandary. These Sergio Rossi shoes retain all of the best features of the classic barely-there heel but the bunny ears at the back and bow at the front add some quirky-but-not-comedic interest.


Oliver Bonas salt and pepper shakers

There are some dining accessories that can use to express yourself. I can’t believe I’ve just typed that, but I think it’s true: Napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers and coasters. This salt and pepper set from Oliver Bonas are an inexpensive way to liven up a tablescape.


Ham Print

Estee Lalonde (the artist formerly known as Essie Button) had a HAM print in the background in one of her videos by this amazing company. My brother is buying me one for Christmas. Not so subtle hint: the  button lift print is my favourite. 

London Bird necklace

I tried to get into statement necklaces but I just didn’t carry it off with panache. I much prefer delicate pieces, like this bunny necklace with a pearl tummy.


Flopsy Bunnies print

My friend Amy is having a baby and wants the nursery to be this pink colour so I bought her this print. It's more of a pinky red.