Baby Mama

This precious-but-worried-looking baby lump is my mother.

If you lived in Singapore in the 1950s and took an interest in substitute milk, you might recognise her as the Lactogen Baby.

My grandma entered her into a competition to be the Lactogen baby and she won. She won the title, she won substitute milk and she won $100.

Glory was hers.

It is her birthday this week, so I thought I'd get her an array of little things. She never requests big things (which you'll know if you read this post about the weird things my mum has requested over the years).

So here's what I got her:

AU LAIT Bathing Milk

My mum happened to drop into conversation that when she was a child, she bathed in milk. This apparently keeps skin soft and can help with some skin conditions. It’s efficacy is up for debate: other famous milk-bathers include Cleopatra (renowned beauty) and Elizabeth I (not so much). My mum has no wrinkles so I guess it works!

Now my mum just bathes in regular water like the rest of us mortals, but I saw this from the Scottish Soap Company and thought it would make a nice I-saw-this-and-thought-of-you gift.   


HOLY MOLY. Finding this  book was like trying to find a fugitive when the only thing you know about them is that they have brown hair. 

During a phone call with mum she asked me: 'Have you read a book about a man who falls asleep and then wakes up somewhere else? Because there was a review of that book on the radio and I didn't catch the name of it. I'd really like to read it'.

You can imagine how many Google searches I did. Anyway, I found it! 


She said she wanted a pink stripey top et voilà! This one is from Uniqlo and was £12.90. Similar here


Another classic gift request from my mum - resuable shoppers. She said she wanted the to have soft handles and be brightly coloured. I saw these in Wholefoods. They were £4.99 each. 


Instead of one big birthday cake, I bought her six little cakes from  Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road. She loves Ottolenghi and we always visit when she comes into town. I bought her this book too at Christmas.