Joyful Jammies

laughing heart gifts

Until recently, my mum still used the maternity nightdresses she wore when my brother and I were in-utero.

Earlier this year she cleared out of her wardrobe and offered my dad the nightdresses as rags with which to polish his car. He refused.

Shortly after her clear out, I bought this for her when I was on holiday in Tulum, Mexico. This is one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. I've seen people wear them as day dresses in summer but I think it's a great nightie. 

I love the colours. It’s such a happy dress; I think she won’t be able to feel anything other than joy when she wears it.



Someone gave me a really awful vase and every time I see it, I want to cry. Disclaimer: I know there are more serious issues going on in the world, but this blog is not the place where serious world issues will be addressed.

BACK TO THE VASE. I'm being really rough handed with it but it's basically bullet proof. 

I'm waiting for someone to come over, spot the vase and say 'that's a nice vase' and then I'll slip it into their bag. 

I love flowers. I buy fresh flowers every week. This vase is just something else.

Here are ten vases which are nicer than the vase I have.

August anniversaries

Two anniversaries of note this week. 

It’s one year since I started this blog and two years since I saddled up to ride the matrimony pony.

This is my gift from him. Silk pyjamas from Rigby and Peller. 

rigby peller | laughing heart

I would’ve been content with cotton, as two year anniversaries are symbolically cotton, but I’m not complaining about the upgrade. 

rigby peller | laughing heart
rigby peller | laughing heart

They delight me and will be perfect for 1. Summer nights 2. Packing for summer holidays 3. Looking awesomesauce. 

I’ve been trying to wear more natural fibres. Never in a twenty-eight years did I imagine I’d ever type a line so eye-roll inducing but there you have it. 

Best silk sets

The tablecloth

This is an accurate retelling of two conversations I had with Riddle Woman (mum). 

Mum: Can you find me a Batik-style tablecloth?

Sarah: That's a very specific request.

Mum: I'd like it to go in the dining room.

Sarah: Ok, I'll have a look.

(One week later)

Sarah: I found a Batik-style tablecloth, here is a picture of it. 

Mum: It's amazing

Sarah: So shall I get it?

Mum: No. Don't bother. Goodbye.


I could've spent a lot of time debating whether to buy the tablecloth based her conflicting messages.

Then I realised, in life, there are some things which are worth just doing. If you can afford to do something and there's a chance it'll bring someone even a bit of happiness, just do it. As I've said before, it's not like the world's biggest problem is that there's too much love. 

So I bought the tablecloth for her and put it in the post and she was delighted. She even sent me an email,  saying 'DEAR SARAH TABLECLOTH IS BEAUTIFUL'. 

It turned out that the reason why she didn't want me to bother buying it was because she thought I shouldn't waste money on her. I was put in mind of that famous story about a billionaire who died. 'How much did he leave?' Someone asked. 'I believe he left it all' was the reply. 

This is from Zara Home. 

This is from Zara Home. 

A shopping spree in Anthropologie

It was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday on Wednesday. 

A few months ago she mentioned that she liked Anthropologie and so I squirrelled away this nut of information.

I visited the Anthropologie shop on the Kings Road intending to get her monogrammed notebook or a mug but after spending half a happy hour in there adding things to my own wish list, I realised that a gift card was the only sensible option. 

So I did. You can buy a little handmade pouch to put the card in too, which I did. 

anthropologie gift card

If you haven’t been to Anthropologie before, imagine a tiny department store of hand-made looking things which appear to be one of a kind.

The name of the store implies that you could buy a blanket in there and someone might think you picked it up from the Chin peoples on a trip to Burma. 

Here are my top Anthropologie picks. 

Treat yo self to...Getting organised!

When life gets stressful, nothing helps me more than tidying up.*

This little act of taking control lifts me up and sets me back on the right track. 

So here are a few things which can make the process even more enjoyable. 

*Other things include crying softly into a pillow and watching clips from Bridesmaids on YouTube.