Throwback Thursday: Lauren Bacall's Tiffany & Co. Chain

This week’s gift of yesteryear is probably the most generous gift a boss has given an employee.

Although, on reflection, I’m not sure you can call the relationship between actor and director a boss and employee relationship, more like sports coach and athlete.

This 14k yellow gold chain by Tiffany & Co. was given to the actress Lauren Bacall by Ron Field, who directed her in the musical Applause.

Each heart is engraved with a letter which spell out: ‘To my own beautiful star from her proud director Ron’

New Yorker Bacall was born Betty Perskein in 1924. She worked as a model and was soon encouraged to try her hand at acting in Hollywood.

She went on to star in To Have and Have Not and How to Marry a Millionaire. She also voiced the part of Evelyn in Family Guy.

The necklace certainly reflects the success of her performance. In 1970, Bacall won the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical, and the show won Best Musical.

Last year the chain was sold at auction in New York for $52,500.