Treat yo self: This month's gifts from me to me


I've admitted defeat with red lipsticks. I can't be bothered with lip liner, it gets all over my teeth and it makes me look like I've been dug up. So I bought Sexy Mother Pucker Nudes Collection lipstick in the colour Keep it Flesh. I am not disappointed. It's comparable to MAC Bare Again but it's a tiny bit cheaper.  I hate the name though. 

Little Moons Mochi Balls

These are amazing. A-mazing. I picked them up in Wholefoods and they are delicious. I don't really eat dairy but I make an allowance for these. 


Everyone has been talking about soy candles being better for you than non-soy candles so I went out and experimented. I'll let you know whether it has had any impact on me. 


I love Aziz Ansari. I bought this book for my friend who just started dating again after a break-up. She started using online apps and I thought this would be a good thing to read, but it turned out that in the time it took for this book to be delivered, she met someone that she's 'going steady' with. So, even though I'm married, I started to read it and it's ace.  If I write a book, I'd like it to be as funny and smart as this. Go buy it!