Gift of the week: Wool Blanket

Holy moly it’s been cold in London lately. We live in an old building with huge single-glazed windows. Wonderful in the summer, portal to icy hell in the winter.

A few months ago, in slightly-warmer times, I went to John Lewis and bought a duck-egg blue lambswool throw for the sofa. I thought it would ‘work’ in the living room but it didn’t. So it migrated to the bedroom.

I can’t tell you how toasty warm this keeps me. Sheep are so lucky.

Did you know that even if wool is wet it’ll still keep you warm because of the insulating air pockets? That's not a suggestion. 

When I’m working in my study, I’ll wrap it round me like the woman who feeds birds for tuppence a bag in Mary Poppins.

The best wool blankets: