Valentine's Day: A manifesto

Heart | Laughing heart

I support Valentine’s Day for the simple reason that some people need to be prompted to demonstrate appreciation for their partners.

Clearly once a year isn’t a great average to show your love but it’s at least it’s a start.  

Also, what harm can it do? Seriously? It’s not like we’re experiencing way too much love in the world and we really need to scale back.

Of course you should demonstrate appreciation for the people you love all year round, preferably daily, with kind words, thoughtful gestures and puddings. But sometimes life gets in the way and before you know it, it's Valentine's Day and you're buying a heart-shaped balloon on a stick from the supermarket on the way home from work hoping you’ve ticked the box.

Crappy gifts actually suggested by stores this year include (I'm not going to link to them because I truly don't want you to buy them)

I encourage my readers to view Valentine’s Day as the dawn of a new age: an age in which you won’t let a year go by before you think to demonstrate your appreciation with a crappy gift.

Try to give a gift which genuinely demonstrates care for them. For example: