Birthday highlights

I initially titled this post ‘Birthday Haul’ but I thought that a haul referred to the stuff you’d stolen during a pirate raid or armed robbery. 

Behold! My birthday gifts:

birthday gifts | Laughing Heart


For my birthday this year I got:

New glasses. These were a gift to myself. I bought these Karl Lagerfeld glasses from Specsavers. I also get my contact lenses from them, so the frames were discounted. I think they look pretty cool. They make me feel like lady who has her life together. I think that liking grey and brown glasses makes me an adult.

A book, What matters in Jane Austen? by John Mullen. This was from my best friend Natasha. She’s the only person I know who truly understands how awesome Jane Austen is (apart from the author of this book). I’ve learned about 90% of what I need to from Jane Austen and Sesame Street. It really is fantastic. 

My brother’s girlfriend, Marianne gave me this top. It’s exactly my style. 

My mother-in-law gave me a gift card for John Lewis. I think I might get some new make-up (Charlotte Tilbury is going to be stocked there soon!) or put it towards the slightly less glamorous gift of a new hoover. 

My parents got me a gift card for M&S. I will buy one of their Fig candles, matching bra and knickers (at last) or 25 pink sprinkle donuts.

My husband gave me a scarf from Hermes. He bought me a scarf from Hermes when we first started dating, but I asked him to return it because I thought it was too extravagant. Five years later, he went back and bought this scarf. He threw the receipt away so returning it would be impossible. It’s beautiful.