Most Precious Treasures

"Cannot you guess what this parcel holds?" said she, with a conscious look.

"Not the least in the world.—Did he ever give you anything?"

"No—I cannot call them gifts; but they are things that I have valued very much."

She held the parcel towards her, and Emma read the words 'MOST PRECIOUS TREASURES' on the top. Her curiosity was greatly excited. Harriet unfolded the parcel, and she looked on with impatience. Within abundance of silver paper was a pretty little Tunbridge-ware box, which Harriet opened: it was well lined with the softest cotton but, excepting the cotton, Emma saw only a small piece of court-plaister.

The extract above is taken from Jane Austen's Emma.

Emma and her friend Harriet Smith sit together in deep conversation. Harriet reveals her most precious treasure is a bit of surplus plaster used to bandage the wound of Mr. Elton, a man she believes is in love with her.

Since I was about 12 or 13 I've had a box. It's usually a shoe box full of my own most precious treasures. The memory box contains all the clutter and reminders of the past I allow myself. Nothing in it would sell for more than a penny on eBay, but everything in it is significant to me.

I think it's important to have a memory box and thought that it would make quite a nice gift, so here are some cool box ideas: