Throwback Thursday: Wallis Simpson's Cartier bracelet

This bracelet was a gift from Edward VIII to Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom he gave up the throne.

Made by Cartier, it has nine gem-set crosses, each signifying (and engraved with) important moments in their lives between 1933 to 1934.

It was put up for auction in 2010 and sold for £601,250.

Their marriage is commemorated on one of the crosses.

One cross is engraved with the message: "God save the King For Wallis". This refers to an assassination attempt on Edward (known as David to Wallis).

I’m not sure I’d want a permanent reminder of the time someone tried to kill my husband, but as he survived it, I suppose that makes him seem invincible. But apparently his would-be assassin had a tendency to throw the guns at his targets rather than pulling the trigger.

Another cross bears the message "The Kings Cross". This marks the time in 1936 that, after an argument between the couple, Simpson flagged down a taxi and said "King's Cross" to the driver. "I'm sorry lady," he replied. 

I like this bracelet. I mean, it’s not exactly my taste, but I like what it represents: real people with real feelings wanting to remember.

Wallis Simpson gift | Laughing Heart